Mozilla Launched a New Browser: Possible Competition to Chrome?


Google Chrome is the primary choice of people for browsing needs. A humongous number of people, nearly 60% Internet users, use Google chrome. Firefox has always been seen as a competitor when it comes to browsing scenario. Mozilla has launched yet another browser, Quantum, to give a tough competition to Chrome. Quantum is launched and finally available for Windows, MacOS and Linux users. Mozilla has asked the internet users to spare some seconds and use this browser for a change and feel the difference.

Mozilla claims that Quantum is twice as fast as the earlier versions of Firefox. Mozilla, Samsung, etc have provided their assistance in making this browser. The company claims that Quantum is faster than Goggle Chrome when it comes to loading popular websites including Google’s own homepage, Wikipedia, Instagram, Ask, among others. Along with this, the new browser has been tweaked to work on less memory which ensures that the pages could be loaded efficiently. A new addition is done in the browser where the Tab which is opened by the user loads faster than the other tabs to make user experience better. The browser also focuses on loading the texts, contents of the webpage before the logo and the graphics; giving the reason that users get impatient if the contents of the website are not loaded; Features like this makes us feel that Mozilla has done proper homework when it comes to inculcating features which have a strong connection with our tendencies and browsing patterns. It may give competitive advantage to Quantum as users focus more on the experience that the browser gives to them.

There has been introduction of new user interface named as “Photon”, which provides a minimalistic look to the Browser. Mozilla has focused on making the browser relevant to the future and made it to look crisper when used on monitors/screens with higher resolution.

Apart from these, Firefox has added other unique features to Quantum which may prove to be helpful while browsing such as Screenshot feature, Pocket feature which makes it possible to save our articles, video, pages and view it on other device, Gaming and VR for next-gen gaming, etc.

Let us hope that this browser give a tough competition to Chrome and leads to better innovations for us.

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