China is Working on an Artificial Intelligence Powered Police Station


China to keep its promise to become the world’s leader in the sector of Artificial Intelligence by 2025. The country is all set to build its first police station completely powered by Artificial Intelligence. According to the reports, China will be building the AI powered police station in the Wuhan Province in partnership with Wuhan Public Security Bureau and the Traffic Management Bureau.

With the artificial intelligence powered police station, china is planning to put machines at the police station instead of humans. Also, the visitors will have to interact with the machines.

Although the police station designed with driver and vehicle related matters. You can simply say it will not be a police station instead it will be a Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. The AI powered police station will provide services like Driver examinations via simulator, registration services. Also, the police station will equip a face scanning technology made by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

The country is planning to make the police station available 24 x 7 for public usage. As the citizens of China will be dealing with dedicated hardware and machines to get the job done instead of web based technologies. Hence the risk of getting failed while providing services to the citizens would be low.

Also, the citizens of the country will not need a government issued ID card to use the police booth. Since the police station comes with a face scanner feature so it will work as the physical ID card.

However, this is not actual artificial intelligence powered police station. However, it is definitely a start in the way of artificial intelligence and if China gets success in their mission. It will be one of the great things that would happen to the world. Also, there are a few risks while working with the Artificial intelligence that china should not ignore. However, until they do not jump into the race of making artificial intelligence products they would not know about the risks. Also by working on an artificial intelligence powered police station, it is pretty much clear that the China is serious about its promise.

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