The latest Google Camera, Clip, is up for sale in the market

Google Camera ClipGoogle Smart Camera Clip

Last October, Google hinted public about its smart camera Clip that will use artificial intelligence to take pictures. This simply means that the camera will sit behind, observe the activities going around, and click the picture as soon as it recognizes something interesting. Little, the company stated about the camera then and now it has secretly started selling it off in the market for $249.

The device comes for free shipping but for now, the company has stopped taking orders for the device and if you are the one looking for it, you need to queue yourself in the waitlist and the company will notify you via email regarding when the camera will again be available in the market.

Mechanism of the camera

Clips is a unique camera and Google is marketing it to the parents who take many pictures of their children. It is awesome when a camera knows when to click and how to click the perfect picture. The device does all on its own, and it is supported by its own hardware. In addition, privacy is taken care of; the camera does not send any pictures to other hardware so easily.

The clip-on camera automatically adjusts itself and the resolution according to the situation. The camera is equipped with a 130-degree lens that will fit almost everything in the scene. The camera takes short motion images and synchronizes itself wirelessly to an application available in Android and iPhones.

Well, the camera is criticized by a few in the market who call it kiddish. Although we do not know much about it in the future of the technology has many more marvels to look forward to.

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