Intel’s smart glasses assures you skip nothing important

smart glassesImage by Verge

Smart glasses, Intel flaunt Vaunt glasses. These are identified as the regular glasses. The Intel’s Vaunt glasses feature frames weighing less than 50grams and plastic frames. This works with non-prescription and prescription lenses.

It is so simple that any onlooker may believe to be a Warby Parkers pair. However, in the stem inside is a class one laser low-powered, with a processor, a Bluetooth chip, an accelerometer and a compass.

This laser is low-power says Intel and it emits into your eye a monochrome image in red at 400 x 150 pixels. The image lets you know it is the birthday of someone and you can send your phone the notifications or your glasses send a recipe detecting you if you are in the kitchen. This is possible because the laser is directly beaming your retina and so the image is in focus always.

The Vaunt models have nothing equipped like other models such as a microphone or also does not require Siri or Alexa, the smart assistants. The Vaunt is the first-gen models that will be managed through subtle gestures even your head nod. Intel wants it to be as natural as possible so that it easily becomes an integral part of your life.

The Vaunt classes have not come to the market and it is under covers about how Intel will launch it. However, it is also unclear if such products will have wings to create a stir of demand in the market.

Currently, Intel’s Vaunt is the Smart glasses most promising version seen. Nevertheless, Vaunt will launch for developers an ‘early access program’; same a Google glass, but the goals of Intel is completely different.

The difference is that Intel is not trying to convince that we can change or alter our lives with a head-worn display; instead, it is trying to alter the device, the head-worn display to fit into our lives.

The Vaunt glasses from the outside appear like plain eyeglasses, but on wearing them, a stream of information appears on the screen, projected actually on your retina. Thus you need not pine for anything.

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