Indian Government has Tighten up Belts to Map the Local Addresses Digitally

Indian Government

As a part of a big move, the department of posts has given permissions for a pilot project that will provide a six digit alphanumeric digital address for every property. This will happen for three postal pin codes. The main intention is to generate an e- locations (e Loc) on Google for the respective addresses and then everything related to the address will become easier, starting from deliveries to gas and light bills, property title, property tax records etc.

Critics have taken the step as a positive one and they are hoping that the first attempt where the government has given digital address to two properties in Delhi and one in Noida turns out to be successful. Once the first move turns out good, the government is planning to execute the project for the whole of the nation.

It is true that remembering a 3-step address is tough and when you have a 6 digit address, your life will be easier. The address with these alphanumeric codes will be easily spotted on Google Maps and this move will facilitate a lot of things for the society. The step will save time, money and energy of a lot of people associate with daily deliveries, mapping addresses etc.

It is also a good move for the police department and it is being speculated that this project will help to curb terrorism up to a great extent. After Adhar digitization, the digital address project is another feather to India’s cap and we hope the move comes out to be great and we Indians get benefitted by the same.

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