ICSE Passing Criteria Dropped Down, A Sigh of Relief for Many


What does an average student think while writing his first examination in boards? Obviously will I get the passing marks at least to clear the examinations? Passing marks has been no less than a threat to students and passing marks are criteria which a student should achieve in order to go a step ahead into a further class.

There have been tremendous improvements in the educational policies since a few years and there is another feather to add to its cap now. The council for the Indian School Certification Exam (ICSE) has announced that it will reduce the passing marks for its two board examinations i.e., ICSE (X) and ISC (XII) to match the other board standards.

From the new session of 2019, the passing marks for ICSE will reduce to 33% from 35 % and the pass marks of ISC have been reduced to 35% from 40%. The board said that it has been done to bring parity with other boards. The other boards have lower passing marks and so our students were at great disadvantage and hence we have now decided to bring relief to our students.

The decision was taken after several meetings with the Ministry of Human Resource development and other examination boards. The Inter Board Working Group (IBWG) recommended that all boards must have equal passing marks and the main objective is to bring uniformity with other boards. After the decision was finalised, a circular has been sent to all the heads asking them to change the passing marks criteria with effect from 2019 and the same to be applied in the internal examinations as well.

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