Facebook’s New Technology May Prevents Suicide

Prevents Suicide

According to a new statement by the blue social media site Facebook, Facebook is going to roll out its face recognition software to other countries soon. However, they are currently testing the software in U.S to detect users with suicidal intention.

They have started testing the feature in the month of March in the United States. The feature reads a user’s status and status comments to detect a suicide intention.

However, Facebook has not shared many details about the software they are currently working on. But they did mention that they are tracking status or comments that mention questions like “Are you okay?” “Can I help?” and a few more.

Also if facebook software detects any suicidal intentions, the software immediately informs the facebook workers. The workers are specialized in handling such cases and they will inform the local authorities or the user’s friend through the phone call.

According to the Facebook product manager Mr. Guy Rosen, the test of the new application has been successful in united states the last month. Hence they are now looking ahead to roll out the features in other countries.

However, before they roll out the technology facebook needs to go a long way. It needs a large number of employees who can help the Facebook users at any time. Also, they need to know the local language to make the communication easier.

According to Mr. Rosen’s statement: “Speed really matters. We have to get help to people in real time”.

However, there is no guarantee that the software would work properly. As Facebook has more 2.5 billions of users and scanning a large number of people’s status and identify suicidal intentions. Still seems a challenge. Also, facebooks need a large number of team. However, the future will be the only one to tell how much successful facebook’s new initiative is.

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