How to Learn Stock Marketing Investments Through Advance Virtual Trading Games and Apps for Indian Market

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New investors who are taking the initial stage of learning basics of the Stock trading needs to access the multiple sources for acquiring the quality education. Before proceeding to the investments, it is necessary to distinguish the common aspects in stock markets such as Investing and Speculation. Normally, Investing is the process of handing over the money for the use of any productive project based on the Expansion or Growth. Based on the appropriate research and development, we need to make the investment with the new business idea. Investment is done with expectation in future. With the strong reason to believe that business is expanded and understand the extensive type of research done with the payoff. Understanding and believing in the business plan is suitable for enabling new venture. Stock marketing through gaming for the Indian market is the rational decision that can be suitable for acquiring better future aspects. Many people across the world are ready to make the investment through gaming for the Indian market as it is convenient to work in increasing value.

Stock Market Game:

Stock Market Game

Investors have to develop years and hone their skills. Stock trading brings great advantage that lies itself lifetime. The game is always in full force as you can implement strategies used for years. Trade stocks are in real-time with the virtual portfolio in the much massive way. Stock Market Game helps to create the customized private or public game based on the play.

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading:

Virtual Trading

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading helps you to make convenient Virtual Stock Trading using the complete real life world market data. Using the application, it is convenient to use the real markets and the beginners are helpful for making first steps of stock investment. Learn to trade using the application with the amazing real market simulator. Of course, it is convenient for using the application as a guide for making any investment in the Indian market. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading application gives real-life results close with the real market data. The application is suitable for all the Indian Stock Market Investors and helpful for learning many new things in the much more efficient way. Regardless of your experience in the Indian, you can use the Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading application on your Smartphone to the device the strategy.



Moneybhai is the Virtual Stock Market Trading Game that helps you to easily acquire the Virtual Mutual Funds, Stock Exchange Games and Bonds using the trading discussion. Moneybhai is the ultimate financial portal that helps you to determine the complete financial market with the fledgling World Wide Web. Investors who are beginners or experienced can use this application and easily devise their strategy to work.

NSE Paathshala:

DSIJ Stock Market Game

NSE_ Paathshala is one of the cool application that helps you to easily check on investing your ideas as well as themes. Get widened experience with the market, it is convenient to make your intuition of certain stocks that are quite afraid to invest. Investors new to the Indian stock market can use the application for trying the market without any kind of investing of real money.

DSIJ – Stock Market Game:

Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), is one of the research and capital investment magazine that helps you to easily cater all needs of the investors-readers. DSIJ brings you the right ideas based on stock market research from experts on markets. DSIJ introduced this stock marketing challenge game in 2011 where participants can directly engage in buying and selling stocks without any real money. This helps in making decisions when to buy and sell stocks to maximize profits. Every participant is assigned with Rs.10 lakh virtual money initially and whoever maximise the invested amount wins exciting prizes worth RS. 30 lakh daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This game covers all the practical issues faced during crashes

ICICI Direct:

ICICI Direct

ICICI direct helps you to easily trade without accessing the website and getting the hassle-free tracking settlements cycles, transfer instructions and writing cheques.

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