Graphene : A carbon material that is going to shape our future

Graphene : A carbon material that going to shape our future

Nowadays most the tech websites do have some information related to Graphene. Graphene undoubtedly gained quite a lot of popularity since it had discovered. Just in case if you are thinking what exactly it is, then here are the answers to your questions:

What is Graphene?

If you have ever wondered what is stronger than the strongest steal then here’s the answer to your question. Graphene is 200 times stronger than the strongest steel and super flexible. Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon. The carbon layer is almost transparent and can conduct heat and electricity. Basically, you can say Graphene is a wonder of the 21st century. However, if we talk about what exactly Graphene is. Then we have to say that Graphene is a layer of carbon atoms that are arranged in a hexagonal lattice or framework. Graphene is also the world’s first 2D material.

The History Behind Graphene:

Graphene was founded by two scientists named Andre Geim and his colleague Kostya Novoselov during their research at the Manchester University in 2014. One Friday during their research the scientist duo tried to remove some flakes from a graphite bulk with a sticky tape. While the removing process of graphite flakes they have created the graphene.

How can Graphene shape our future?

If we talk about how Graphene is going to Shape our future, we have to say quite a lot. However here are some of the biggest sectors where Graphene can be used:

  • Energy:

    Graphene can easily increase a battery’s lifetime as well it will increase the charging speed of a battery. Graphene has the ability to hold power for a longer time and it can also hold more power than the lithium-ion batteries.

  • Sensors:

    If we have to name a material that is perfect for sensors we have to name graphene. Graphene allows us to create micrometer size sensors which are capable of detecting individual events on a molecular level.

  • Controlling Food Waste:

    Graphene oxide can be used to create smart packaging system to prevent food wasting. As it has the ability to prevent atmosphere changes that basically cause food wastage.

Some of the Safety features Of Graphene:

Graphene can be a powerful material to work with. However working with graphene can be risky so here are some of the safety features you need to care about:

  • To use graphene safely you have to supply the required equipment to prevent a risk.
  • Do not let many people work on the graphene project.
  • Get your emergency team ready, in case some disaster happens they will fix the situation.
  • The researchers working with Graphene should have proper knowledge and training.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner, instead that use wet wiping for cleaning.

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