Why a Good Sleep in a Staple to Your Health?

Why a good sleep in a staple to your health?

Sleeping eight hours every day seems a tough task, doesn’t it? We are so busy with our schedule and time for everything is so fixed that we cannot take out those crucial eight hours to relax our own soul. And the result, fatigue, mental misbalance, stress and many more other severe conditions.

The question always remains there that why do we need to sleep every day? Many a time we say that it was better if night and the concept of sleep were not there, as we would get more time to work. This is not as easy as it sounds, skip a night’s sleep and you will come to know how adversely it would affect your complete schedule.

If you have ever observed, every night you go to a paralysed and unconscious condition. When you wake from it, you are all fresh and full of vigour to start a new day again. Sleep is as important as any other activity in your life. We need food to survive, we drink water to quench our thirst and similarly we need sleep to relax our body and soul so that it wakes up to a new day and to walk through new roads.

Let us look at some of the reasons to get a good night sleep every day:

1. A routine tune-up

Think of a situation where you have not taken your car for servicing and imagine what bad noises it will make when you will start it after regular usage of months. Same could be your situation if you do not give yourself a good sleep every day. Your body too needs the daily tune up and if it lacks that, it will start producing bad noises and that will show up in your routine schedule.

2. Restore Mental Energy

A good sleep is required to regain your physical as well as mental strength. If you remember, your elders must have told you that instead of studying late night, you should rather wake up a little early in the morning and study. The main reason behind this theory is that when you wake up from your sleep, your mind is all fresh to work again and you can do things fast and in an effective manner.

3. For a better personality

Your sleep patterns affect your personality. You must have observed that people who get good sleep daily are more active and maintain a robust personality against those who do not get sufficient sleep daily. Lack of proper sleep will make you less tolerant and irritable. Many a time mothers also complain that they get irritated at some weird actions of their children that they would enjoy if they were fresh and not sleep deprived.

4. Better thinking Ability

Lack of sleep will make you dull and lousy. Sleep makes your mind work properly and if you are sleep deprived, your mind will not work the way it should. A sleep-deprived mind is working on four cylinders rather than eight of them. Even if you try to be creative, nothing would come to you if you were not properly rested.

The amount of sleep a person needs vary from individual to individual but on an average, a person should sleep for eight hours a day. So, do not miss your sleep and stay healthy for long.

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