Facebook to launch new feature for dating

Facebook will announce its new dating feature soon and the good news is, the company has kept it free. This Facebook product has been considered good for the US/Russia relationships and this move boost relationships of US with the other countries as well.

Until now, the dating space was covered by Match and it is not free. The CEO of Match was flattered to read that Facebook is entering the arena too. He said in a statement that they are surprised at the timing of this entry when there is a lot of personal data coming to the territory. Howbeit, he further said that we will keep pleasing our customers will new and innovative product launches and will focus on customer loyalty, as they are confident that they understand this industry better than anyone else does.

For months, Facebook was dealing with the Cambridge data leak and now it is coming up with this feature. Facebook needs to win the hearts of people and provide encrypted services so that the data is kept private.

The dating feature is designed to provide the users a real time experience. It will be like an original date only. Users will also be allowed to launch text messages except from Facebook messenger or whats app.

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