Explore the Scotland of India – Coorg

Scotland of IndiaCoorg the Scotland of India

Someone rightly said, ‘You do not need a magic to disappear, you just need a right destination’. If you are about to plan your vacation for the year, then Coorg is a place to top the list.

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats in the state of Karnataka, Coorg is one of the most considered hill stations in the country. It not only attracts the Indians but a large mass from across the globe come here to visit the beautiful Scotland of India. Sharing good connectivity with major cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Hyderabad, Coorg is a perfect family holiday destination. Mostly it is a popular weekend getaway for the techies of Bangalore who just wish to be infused with the fresh air and a long drive amidst the emerald green pastures and scenic beauty on the way.

The main attraction and beauty of Coorg is its emerald green views until your eyes can see and the lush coffee plantations. Coorg carries a timeless beauty, which is to be revered forever.

The landscape, fauna and the climate make Coorg an ideal place for long walks, treks and nature observation. People looking to soak themselves in nature should reach Coorg and experience the miracle of mother earth here.

How to Reach Coorg

Coorg is reachable by Air, Rail and Road transport easily. The nearest airport is Mangalore at a distance of 159 KM. Mangalore is connected to cities all across the country and hence you can travel Coorg via Mangalore easily. Bangalore and Mysore are the next nearest airports and once you get down you can hire a taxi or a private cab to Coorg.

If you wish to take up railways as your means to travel, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan and Thalassery are the nearest railway stations. Coorg is well connected to the buses run by Karnataka government and one can reach Coorg easily by adopting road transport. From Mangalore, Bangalore and Mysore, deluxe buses are also available at your disposal.

Places to visit in Coorg

  1. Abbey Falls

Abbey falls

It is beautiful waterfall located between the coffee plantations, spice estates and coffee bushes. A hanging bridge has been built just opposite to the falls to experience the waterfall. The water is considered to be the initial waters of the river Kaveri and the view of the fall in breathtaking during rains.

  1. Talacauvery

Talacauvery temple

Talacauvery is known to be the highest point in Coorg. It is also the starting point of the river Cauvery and it is a holy place where temples have been constructed. You need to climb stairs as long as 15 floors to reach the peak and once you are there you will feel standing amidst clouds.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

This is a well-known national park of India with a great diversity of flora and fauna. One can witness some rare species of mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, shrubberies etc.

  1. Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery

Located just six KMs from the town Kushalnagar, the monastery belongs to the Sangha community. This is known as the golden temple due to the golden work is done all over. It is a Tibetan monastery and is popular for the ancient and unique paintings.

  1. River Rafting in Barapole river

River Rafting in Barapole river

If you an adventure freak then the white river, rafting in the Barapole River is just ideal for you. With rapid streams coming through your way, the river rafting will give you an adrenaline rush to be remembered forever.

  1. Burude Falls

Burude Falls

These falls are located on the outskirts of Coorg and it provides a marvellous view to behold for a lifetime. To get this view, you need to trek a little but the view you get is worth an effort. The place can be a little crowded, as it is the well-known places in Coorg.

Coorg is called the Scotland of India given its beauty and the local clans that are witnessed in Scotland as well. The place is not very expensive and very budget friendly. The best time to visit is from September to March.

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