The Exciting Animal Crossing Video Game

Animal Crossing Video Game

The much talked about Animal Crossing video game is a virtual game where a player plays a role of an animal and stays with the animal community. The main aim of the player is to build his house as big as he can. There are various activities to be carried out like fishing, hunting, bug-catching etc. the game was first introduced in 2001 and since then there have been many additions to the series.

The game has been released worldwide and it is an open-ended game that everyone can play. There are 6 games in the series till now and out of them, four has been released worldwide. The series has really been successful both critically and commercially and not less than 30 million units have been sold worldwide.

Who can play this Game?

As stated earlier, the game is open ended and anyone can download it and start playing. It is said there is no age bar for playing games and this true here as well. No age bar has been given for this game, the game is quite peaceful and whether a child or an adult, there are no restrictions for playing this game.

Developer of the Game

The game is originally developed by Nintendo EAD and it was published by Nintendo. The game is a localised version of Dobutsu no Mori that was released in Japan in 2001. Later it was open to other countries and was released on GameCube with a number of improvements.

The game is quite lively and cheerful. There is a vast virtual world for the player where the player can make animal friends and understand the way animals survive in the society.

Another addition to the series which is known as Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will soon release in the month of November. A little information has been leaked and the followers of the game are eagerly waiting for the new version to come in market.

Pocket Camp will be similar to the main Animal crossing but here you will be in charge of your own camp site instead of the whole town. You will be given the responsibility to maintain your camp site filled with goofy and attractive anthropomorphic animals.

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