Drinking Too Much Water Can Lead To Brain Swelling – Hyponatremia

Drinking Too Much Water Can Lead To Brain Swelling – Hyponatremia

Until now, we have heard that we should drink as much water as we can because it is good for our health. However, this piece of information that comes directly from the health experts might come as a thrust to all those who is habitual to drinking a lot of water in day.

As per some of the health experts in Toronto, drinking too much water will lead to excessive fluid accumulation, eventually bringing the sodium levels down in the blood. This condition is known as hyponatremia that is a life threatening condition resulting in severe brain swelling.

The team of Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) in Canada unveiled this puzzle of how our brain reacts to hyponatremia and regulate over hydration. A study was published in the journal Cell Reports found out that the mechanism of detecting hyponatremia in the brain.

This condition is mainly found in elderly patients and it causes cognitive seizures in the vulnerable brain. It is still uncertain that how this thing develops and the hydrating sensing mechanism of the brain too can be the culprit.

The researchers said, “It is the release of the amino acid taurine that acts to inhibit hydration sensing neurons. Essentially, when over hydration is detected by glial cells, the Trpv4 channel triggers the release of taurine, which acts as a trip wire to inhibit hydration sensing neurons”

The ability of our brain to detect excess hydration is must to maintain the water balance in the body and to prevent conditions like hyponatremia.

There are preclinical models of this condition and researchers will try further hard to find out new treatment and diagnostic tools for hyponatremia.

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