Donald Trump Confirms Running for Re-Election in 2020

Donald Trump

Trump today announced that in 2020 re-election he will stand and surprisingly he considers his chances are good. Trump tweeted from his personal account

Few people truly doubt Donald Trump will not come in the White House for a second term. In fact, his critics, some of them both outside and within the Republican Party have pondered that the 71-year-old may bow out quietly after this term, regardless of the reasons, by deciding there is nothing he may afford do for the country.

But those were in minority. Now it is learned that Donald John Trump is not a man to gracefully give up and move away from the White House entry. He is also not an easy individual to accept defeat.  After his inauguration in 2017, it is pointed that he filed paperwork formally for his re-election committee.

In fact, Trump also confirms a former digital adviser, Parscale, will lead his campaign of re-election, representing official confirmation and seeking second term.

Now, the question is, can he do it again? The Progressives, Democrats and others who detest him also say: very possibly.

No one is aware of the 2020 political environment, and that the White House President’s doctor has given a clean health bill, his re-election standing seems affirmative.

Though, there is a lot pointing against re-election Trump, records show the reality television former star is unpopular president. Conversely, the approval rating of his first term has trudged in the mid-30. Last year, it jumped after the tax bill passage and again slipped down. Right now, the polls suggest 41 percent and a spread of 13 points.

There are major issues such as inequality, climate change, gender struggles, racial tension and Trumps bullying social media use, yet for Americans, nothing is important than their wallets.

If people consider this economy is doing well, job is safe and there is little more money at the month end, they will typically tend to vote.


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