7 things Women are not allowed to do in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

In the past, women in Saudia Arabia were not allowed to drive without the presence of a male guardian. It has been few days that these women have been conferred the rights for driving in the country. King Salaman ordered that driving licenses will be issued to women who wanted the same. From now on, women will not require permission from a legal guardian for getting a license nor will they require a guardian in the vehicle during driving. This has been a huge change in the country and women are celebrating it with utmost zeal.

However, other than this, women in Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to do the following things:

1. Eating in public freely

As a crucial part of the dress code of the kingdom, women need wearing a face veil. It is essential to wear the face veil in public, no matter what. Thus, women need to eat under the veil in public. Nothing can be more unfortunate than the fact that they are not even allowed to eat properly in public.

2. Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account

You will be surprised to know that in Saudi Arabia, women need to get the permission from their male guardian in order to open a bank account. Permission from the husband is a must for opening the bank account.

3. Testifying of character

Testifying of character

If women want a loan or aim to conduct specific businesses, it is a must to get the character of women testified by 2 men. The same truth holds good even if they apply loan owing to specific reasons.

4. Legal Status

Legal Status

In Saudi Arabia, the legal status of woman is that of a minor. Hence, no fair hearing is done for them in the court of law. The testimony of one man is equivalent to that of two women.

5. Custody of children

Custody of children

In case a divorce is filed, a woman is allowed to retain the custody of children up to a certain age. They can keep the custody of boys until the age of 7 years, whereas the custody of girls can be kept till she attains the age of 9.

6. Getting jobGetting Job

Though Government does not need to have a permission of guardian for working, there are several employees that demand permission prior to hiring.

7. Socializing freely with non-relative female

In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to socialize with men apart from their immediate families. Believe it or not, but they can be imprisoned for doing so.

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