4 year old sets national archery record in Vijayawada

A talented city girl Malapati Marushi Aarush Reddy has created a national-level record under

individual segment by shooting 118 arrows in 14.40 seconds in Archery from a distance of 15 metres

just at the age of four. The child recorded this feat in the presence of Biswadeep Roy Chowdhury,

the adjudicator of India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records at Volga Archery Academy on


The adjudicator was surprised to witness the child achieving arrows after arrows and he was under

an impression that the boy would reach 100 arrows but to his surprise, Aarushi could do 118 arrows

in just 14.40 seconds. This was quite interesting and encouraging. The adjudicator also appreciates

the efforts of Volga Archery Academy to encourage kids and provide them with such a platform to

exploit their capabilities.

Aarushi underwent training at the academy since last eight months. The child has an inherent ability

and talent for archery and the trainer took deep interest in him since he was admitted in the


This record is wonderful and if the whole country supports our young kids like this, we might witness

this kind of records every day.

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