1000-year-old missing statues returned to Tamil Nadu temple from Gujarat

Two ancient bronze idols of Raja Raja Chola and his consort Lokmadevi were found at a museum in

Ahmadabad. It is said that these idols went missing from a temple in Tamil Nadu some 50 years

back. These 1000-year-old idols are the only evidence of the emperor and his consort.

According to reports, the Tamil Nadu Idol Wing collected these idols from Calico Museum in

Ahmadabad and the idols will not be reinstated inside the Brihadeeswara temple within a period of

three days.

During March 2018, the Tamil Nadu Idol Wing has filed a case to find out these missing idols and the

case was registered after the High Court gave permission to the Idol Wing to look for them.

The Idol Wing then made a spree and recovered these idols from a museum in Ahmadabad, the

value of the idols are INR 60 crores and INR 40 crores respectively.

There were total 13 statues that were gifted to the temple in the 29 th year of the reign of the

emperor. Until now, there is no word on the other 11 statues.

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