Wearable Sensor That Detects Stress From Sweat Level Made

Wearable Sensor That Detects Stress From Sweat Level Made

There is a new invention to check a person’s stress level, scientists have developed a waterproof patch that is wearable and can be directly applied to the skin. It absorbs sweat and with the help of the sweat, it can tell you how much cortisol stress hormone a person is releasing. The clinical tests that measures cortisol, that falls and rises throughout the day, projective a gauge for the physical and mental stress and they tell the doctor if the patient’s pituitary and adrenal glands are working properly.

The current clinical tests take time for the results but with this wearable patch, the person will only need to sweat, apply the patch and connect the same to the device and the results will right there on the screen. A lead author from the Stanford University said that they are interested in sweat sensing, as it will offer non-invasive and continuous monitoring for a range of physiological conditions.

This is a novel approach and it will surely help the sportsperson to improve and reduce their stress levels. If a prototype version comes out, it will be even easier for a layman to check his stress level at home. This is a fast working test that will even help to check the stress of a child who is not able to communicate his emotions through his verbal skills.

It is a great breakthrough in medical science and as the device is waterproof, it is protected from any kind of contamination.

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