Plans to develop satellite Chennai close to Chengalpet

In a bid to decongest the city, the state planning department has mooted an idea to launch a satellite in Chennai like the one in Pune and Kolkata. It is learnt that the state planning department is working on this proposal and the satellite city will be launched on 500 hectares to 1000 hectares land towards south Chennai near Chengalpet.

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority has been asked to send a proposal for the same and it is should be designed in such a way that it does not pose fiscal challenges. The sources said that the state government is also looking for land pooling on a large scale in addition to comprehensive urban planning.

As land a scarce commodity, the satellite city or the sub city will be developed in partnership with landowners and farmers. The scheme will be launched either under a government agency or through a trust model or by a corporate special purpose vehicle model.

The satellite city is deemed to provide benefits in the following forms:

  1. If a farmer accepts the partnership to provide his land, he will be given flat and further employment opportunities for future security.
  2. It is will decongest the Chennai city as a few of the schemes in the past already failed.
  3. This plan of sub-city will accelerate the socio-economic growth of the city and it will address to major challenges faced by the Chennai City.

The city is also planning to build a second airport for the citizens and to make commuting easier for everyone.

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