Why Personality Assessments are More Important for Hiring?

Personality Assessment

As technology gets smarter and better able to process information quickly and accurately, the importance of gaining insight into the personalities of job candidates is becoming increasingly critical. Personality assessments are an invaluable tool for recruiters and hiring managers that offer amazing insights beyond just skill sets and abilities — but why?

This blog post will explain why personality assessments should become part of your recruitment strategy as well as provide tips on how to use them during the selection process effectively. By understanding how this valuable information can help you make better hires, you’ll be one step closer to building a successful recruitment program!

What is Personality Assessment?

Personality assessment tests are an important component of the recruitment process for any organisation. The personality test aims to evaluate the individual psychological makeup or tendencies of the candidate for a particular job role. By understanding and evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills of a potential employee, these tests help draw insights that are beneficial to both parties.

When administered properly and objectively, they provide employers with a much-needed diagnostic tool that can give them a detailed awareness of how potential staff can perform in certain roles and what they may need from their superiors. Furthermore, such tests also aid in fostering consistency across hiring decisions and help align candidates who closely fit the needs of the business model.

Reason Why You Should Use Personality Assessment for Hiring

Explore our top reasons why you should be using personality assessment for your next recruitment. 

Better Hiring Decisions

Using personality assessment as a part of the hiring process helps employers make better decisions when it comes to picking the right candidate to fill their open positions.

Not only can these assessments be used to match candidates with roles that are a good fit for their particular strengths, but they can also provide employers with insight into how candidates think and process information.

This is important, as employees who can quickly assimilate new information and process it efficiently will likely be more successful in their role than those who cannot.

Improves Candidate Screening

Personality assessments can provide a lot of valuable insight into candidates that you’re considering for a role, making them an invaluable tool in the candidate screening process. 

By having to complete a blue-collar recruitment assessment the candidates have the opportunity to show more than just on paper what makes them unique and demonstrate how their skills and experiences will translate into being successful at your organization.

Access a Wide Range Of Job Categories

Candidate screening can be made more effective with access to a wide range of job categories. This allows companies to match candidates more effectively to specific job positions due to the larger pool of potential options available.

Candidates have greater variety in their fields, as well as more opportunities for employment with different organizations. Furthermore, employers can screen prospective candidates more thoroughly and obtain better insights into which applicants are suitable for their positions.

Increases Employee Quality And Retention

Personality assessments are becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to increase their employee quality and retention. These assessments can shed insight into potential job candidates’ qualities, such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

Beyond just the hiring process, these assessments can be used to match employees with roles that suit their skill set, creating more role satisfaction and generally higher employee quality.

Employee retention is also improved when employers understand their employees’ individual personalities better; knowing how to motivate each team member optimises morale and increases engagement and job satisfaction. 

Increases Legal Defensibility

Personality assessments allow employers to make informed hiring decisions, provide valuable training resources, and ultimately increase the legal defensibility of their actions.

In addition, regular personality assessment reviews and adjustments can help create a compliance-focused organisation that enables decision-makers to protect their employees from adverse litigation effects down the line.

Why Choose MeritTrac for Personality Assessments

Our personality assessments offer organisations a way to select candidates for any given role. With a precision that can’t be matched, our assessments allow companies to gain insight into the minds of their applicants, providing an understanding of their communication styles and decision-making abilities.

This improved leadership psychometric test could be critical in determining the effectiveness of potential employees. Furthermore, our assessments are straightforward, easy to use, and convenient – all you need is a computer or other device with internet access.


Many of the big names in business use some form of personality assessment for recruitment. If you’re looking to improve your hiring process, adding a personality assessment could be a great way to find candidates that are not only qualified but also a good fit for your company culture.

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