What would you name Saturn’s new moons?

What would you name Saturn’s new moons

It’s a naming frenzy on Twitter. According to the latest news, Saturn now outshines Jupiter with a total of 82 moons. The discovery made by Scott S. Sheppard and his team of astronomers came as a surprise when they were using the telescope in Hawaii.

To encourage space enthusiasts, Sheppard and his team have requested people to help them name the Saturnian moons. The Twitterati have jumped on this opportunity and are submitting names under the hashtag #saturnlunacy #NameSaturnsMoons

On Sheppard’s request, many of the names given are inspired from Norse, Gallic or Inuit mythology. Names of Greek Goddesses and even Lord of the Rings Characters are being submitted online.

The contest is open till December 2019, and the winning names will be announced by the team.

The astronomer has made good use of social media platforms to spread knowledge of space events. Sheppard initiated this contest last year when he discovered 12 new moons that are orbiting Jupiter. The response to the contest was massive, and this inspired him to give the public another chance at naming the moons. Now isn’t this a wise way to use social media and engage your followers.

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