How to Design a Successful Strategy for Campus Hiring to Boost your Hiring Process?

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Campus recruitment software simplifies the life of campus recruiters. It streamlines the process of hiring interns and junior-level positions based on the available pool of candidates. It matches them against the available positions and finds the right matches for the rounds of interviews. This software also engages with the students at career fairs and other recruitment events

Benefits of Campus Recruiting Software

  • Build an early talent pipeline As an organization, if you want to succeed in the field of campus recruitment, you should start connecting with the first and second-year students. That will help them to trust your company, and the recruiters and they will reach out to you when they are about to graduate.
  • Advance candidates quickly Today everyone carries a smartphone. Most of our online tests can be conducted on the phone and we assess the candidates at career fairs quickly.
  • Track campus recruiting KPIs Using your campus recruitment software, track the key performance indicators for campus hiring and analyze the gaps.
  • Streamline campus recruitment eventsWe keep in touch with the educators and students much in advance as we already have a pipeline. When the real recruitment starts, it is easy for us to match the talent against the requirements and fill-up the positions for the companies who have come to recruit on the campus. 

Effective Campus Recruitment Strategies

  • Research Doing comprehensive research on the competencies and roles for which you wish to hire, and identifying the right institutes for them is the key to success. You need to build your relationship with those institutes much before the recruitment season starts.
  • Promote Reach out to the students through social media and promote your brand aggressively. Always keep in touch with your potential candidates as one successful placement will bring more students through word of mouth.
  • Engage and connect Conduct regular sessions in colleges, cafeterias and popular hangout joints which are frequented by students. Explain your strategy and how you can help them to get their dream jobs.
  • Identify the most efficient tools– While you work with the most campus recruitment software in the industry, do not lose a track of other advancements which are happening in that field. Today you might be using the best software, however, tomorrow another company can penetrate into your market share with better software and take away your clients and pipeline of students with whom you have been interacting.
  • Conducting effective interviews Prepare your students through virtual interviews and constantly measure the effectiveness of your approach. Your screening process should be so good that your clients who will be rolling out the final offer letters should hire each candidate you send them.

How MeritTrac Services Campus Hiring Software for Hiring Process

MeritTrac uses the campus recruitment software which has been tried and tested over the years. We are constantly improving our key metrics by enhancing our strategies and software.

  • Our campus recruitment process has evolved over the years. The customer satisfaction scores have improved over the years.
  • We keep an eye on the market and do a trend analysis much in advance to check what kind of jobs will be in demand. We keep a ready pool of resources available to attend the interviews for the required skillsets.
  • We train the students in advance so that they can clear the interview process of the companies easily. 


MeritTrac has been conducting cognitive assessments and communication assessments for a long time now. Big MNCs like Amazon, Ernst & Young, Cognizant and many others depend on us to full-up their entry-level positions every year. Be it in the field of engineering, business management or regular jobs in the BPOs, we have been screening and shortlisting the best candidates for our clients for more than two decades now. 

If you are interested to know more about our services, please reach out to us soon, and we will be more than happy to explain our expertise. 

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