Chennai Metro to try new technology to save water

The Chennai Metro is trying to find new technologies to cut down the water consumption in the water stressed city. Currently, the city’s underground metro stations consume 20,000 litres of water per day to ensure that all the air conditioners are working smoothly. The city is now looking for gas-cooling options for the same.

In this new system, instead of chilled water, a refrigerant is being used for cooling or heating the water that is then circulated throughout the station. This is a gas-based cooling system and this will be implemented for Phase-I extension. Chennai Metro is taking water from the Metro city and it is costing it a fortune.

Along with the new coolant technology, the new tunnel digging technology is also under consideration. The soil of the city is a little uneven and the committee is thinking to bring machinery to treat it. For the second phase, the city is looking for new specifications to dig the tunnel. The work the Phase-II will start from July and it will be completed in three parts.

Meanwhile, the Chennai Metro is also planning to implement solar panels at Saidapet and Chennai Central Stations.

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