Adios To 3D Touch In Apples Upcoming IPhones

Adios to 3D touch in Apples upcoming iPhones

Another, rumor of Apple iPhone,   that the 3D touch option will be removed in its iPhone upcoming models, is said by a reliable Apple source Ming-Chi Kuo.

As per Kuo’s report, the biggest reason to remove the feature of 3D Touch from Apple is because of introducing CGS, Cover Glass sensor, a display construction new type technology. The fact is that the CGS separates the display from the touch sensor and this may be contrary to 3D Touch. Thus, it allows Apple to decrease weight and cut iPhone cost productions.

Kuo anticipates, Apple to remove 3D Touch feature fully on the 6.1 inch to- be -launched iPhone, while the X’s successor iPhone and the plus versions will have the function on. Kuo also states that by 2019, all the iPhones will become CGS.

This 3D Touch was introduced back in 2015 for the first time with iPhone 6s, permitting gestures depending on the screen pressure.  However, now Apple will soon eliminate the 3D Touch feature. The introduction of new display technology construction separates the touch sensor and so this change is expected.

This change is spotted by Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst on the planet. It reveals Apple is certain to cancel this massive feature from its iPhones that will be the next-generation iPhones. But, the death begins for 3D Touch in 2018.

The CGS, cover glass sensor process allows Apple to cut costs, reduce iPhone weight and the durability can be increased, but the only point is that it is mismatched with 3D Touch, that compels 3D Touch to be removed.  Kuo informs CGS displays will debut in all-new cut-price $550 Apple’s LCD iPhone X and this may be the starting of the end.

Though the expensive models iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will be launched this year will have 3D Touch using OLED displays, all the other iPhones will move in 2019 to CGS.

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